Heard Around the House {#9}

Little Man to Baba: Will you please watch my baby? I have to go golfing.

He’s got this dad thing down already.


Little Man: Mommy when I grow up I want a car just like this one! (pointing to the sporty black Mustang)

Mei-Mei: Mommy, when I grow up I want a car just like this one! (pointing to a tan Ford Taurus)

Ah, a sensible mid-size sedan. Girl after my own heart!


Me: You guys can paint on the table down here that you paint on.

Little Man: You mean the “weasel”?


At bedtime while we were getting ready to read Mei-Mei’s chosen story, Grumpy Bird:

Mei-Mei: Mommy, why does Daddy look like Grumpy Bird?

Me: Yeah, he does sometimes huh?

Mei-Mei: Yeah, he looks like a sad, grumpy bird!


Little Man had to get his booster shots at his last doctor appointment.  We spent the whole week before getting him psyched up for it.  This was a common conversation that week:

Little Man: Mommy, when I go to the doctor, I’m going to be REALLY BRAVE when I get my shots and I won’t even cry.

Me: That’s great LM, I know you’ll be so brave.

Mei-Mei: Mommy, if I have to get shots, I will cry.

That’s my girl — always honest to a fault.

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