Baby J: Month 8

8-month-old cutie pie!

Yay! Yay! 8 months!

Oops, I’m a couple of weeks late with Baby J’s 8 month update!  Work’s been busy so blogging has taken a back seat.

There’s not a ton to tell at 8 months though.  Baby J is as adorable and sweet as ever.  He still eats really well.  He still does not sleep the greatest (grr).  And I’m still really tired as a result!

He’s not crawling yet, but that doesn’t mean he’s not mobile!  This kid is a roller.  He will easily roll all over the room to get at what he wants.  If I put him down in one spot and then leave the room for a few minutes, I never know where I’ll find him when I get back.  I’ve actually started closing the baby gate when I put him on the floor upstairs because I don’t trust him not to roll down!

8 month old cutie pie!

Yeah, I’m 8 months old. I’m cool.

Baby J is still breastfeeding and going strong.  At this point, I’m quite optimistic that we’ll make it a full year breastfeeding.  Since he started solid foods, his daily breastmilk intake has dropped significantly and I’m actually building up a frozen stash again!  I will probably have enough to stop pumping at work sometime in mid-August, which would be really nice.

He still adores his big brother and sister, and the feeling is mutual.  Little Man loves to make Baby J laugh and comes up with the goofiest faces and voices in the process.  At 3 now (!!) Mei-Mei is a bit of a Hulk with him, and we occasionally have to watch to make sure she doesn’t love him to death.  Baby J has discovered he can pull her hair, though, so they’re even.

Exciting times are coming up for Baby J, though, when he starts school (technically parents’ day out) next month!

One thought on “Baby J: Month 8

  1. Time is flying! Baby J is such a handsome little guy. And I love picturing him rolling about. Babies will always find a way to get from point A to B.

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