Heard Around the House {#8}

Mei-Mei: Mommy, I am thinking BIG THOUGHTS!

Me: Really? What are your big thoughts about?

MM: Quiet, Mommy, I am THINKING BIG THOUGHTS!  Right now!


Little Man: Mommy, I think we need to make signs for our bedroom doors that say, “No Whining Zone,” and then have a circle and cross through it to mean no whining.

Me: I think that’s a good idea.  I like the idea of a no-whining zone.

LM: Yeah, because Mommy, I really don’t like the sound of whining and crying.

Me: Me neither, Little Man.  Me neither.


Mimi: So what is all this I hear Baby J can do now?

Me: Well, he can sit, he can roll over…

Mei-Mei: And he can play with Mommy’s boobs…


Little Man: Mommy, when Baby J gets bigger, we won’t have a baby anymore.

Me: You’re right, we won’t.

LM: You’ll just have to grow another one.

Me: No, I don’t think so. I’m done growing babies.

LM: But Mommy, I love having babies to play with!

Too bad, kiddo.


Borrowed from Albert’s Facebook page.  A “typical” dinner conversation at our house:

Mei-Mei (whining voice): I have ketchup on my thumb.

Baby J (at the top of his lungs; face covered in food): AHHHHHH!!!!

Little Man (taunting voice): That’s not your thumb!


Albert (educator/parenting voice): Is that your thumb Sweetie?

LM (interrupting): NO!!! That’s her elbow. Bahahaha!

Baby J: AAHHHHHH!!!!

LM (in typical Wes Anderson-dialogue style): Let’s be a robot family.

Too good not to preserve.

2 thoughts on “Heard Around the House {#8}

    • Kids really do say the darndest things! Sometimes we just quote our kids back to each other the way that other people quote lines from movies. Sad, I know, but just as funny sometimes!

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