The Threes will be over soon, right?

The Twos get a bad rap.  Sure, they’re worse than infancy, but they’re hardly terrible.  At least not in comparison to what comes next.

Now the Threes?  The Threes are rough.

And Mei-Mei is so there right now.

Katei: MM's Threes

So incredibly Three.

It completely snuck up on us.  She was our easy baby, delightful toddler, always a pleasure to be around.  She rarely cried as an infant and slept wonderfully after she hit about 4.5 months old.

She rarely threw tantrums during her Twos, and even led me to declare her twos the Not-So-Terrible Twos.

Well, it’s payback time.

Katei: MM's Threes

Ha! I’ll teach you to think I’m “easy”!

Mei-Mei technically turns 3 in May, but The Threes have already arrived.  She is defiant, demanding, bossy, whiney and throws tantrums over tiny things.  Like us making her go potty before we leave the house to run errands when she hasn’t gone since getting up in the morning.  We’re such mean parents.

Bedtime is always an adventure now.  She’ll go several nights in a row with easy bedtimes when she falls right asleep and stays that way all night.  Then there are nights like last night when she calls us up complaining about miniscule things (her star nightlight turned off, she can’t find her blankie that is right under her, she needs the blankets tucked in tighter) five or six times.

Last night she also repeated that at 2am.  For an hour. Combined with Baby J’s night feedings, I think it goes without saying that I am much closer to a zombie than a human today.

With Little Man, we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  He is reasonable.  He is helpful.  He still whines more than we’d like, but he’s getting much better at controlling his emotions and reactions.

Not so with Mei-Mei.  If she’s in the right mood, we can reason with her, but there is no deterring her when she’s set her mind to something.  Time-outs, once a rarity for her, now occur fairly regularly.

Katei: MM's Threes

No shortage of drama here.

Thankfully, the Threes are not without their perks (thank goodness, or I don’t know how we parents would make it through!).  With her defiance and independence comes increasing insight into her funny and quirky personality.

Mei-Mei loves all things pink, sparkly, frilly, and girly.  She loves high-heel shoes, Mommy’s make-up, and nail polish.

Katei: MM's Threes

First home manicure.

I frequently hear, “Mommy, when I am a grown-up Mommy, I will have that.”  She loves nothing more than to put on my shoes, grab my purse, and prance around playing “house.”

Katei: MM's Threes

She literally walked out of the store wearing these shoes before I grabbed her. Luckily, the salesgirl thought she was adorable and charming.

I love the personality that comes along with three, but I’m already anxious for the challenging part of this age to be over.  Her Threes have arrived early — maybe that means they’ll leave early too?  Oh well, a Mama can dream.

4 thoughts on “The Threes will be over soon, right?

  1. If it makes you feel any better Ingrid’s spent the last two suppers in her crib screaming for pushing her plate and cup off the table. Kids man…not for the weak. I hear 6 is a good age. LOL

    • I hear that too. Thankfully J is so much better as he approaches 5. Only one year until I get to see if 6 is the reprieve everyone says it is! Good luck this weekend!

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