{Heard Around the House} #4

Lil Sis: I’m scared!!

Me: Of what?

LS: Of the dragon! In the living room!

Little Man: Don’t worry, Mei-Mei, I’ll get it! I’m Ironman!! P-shew! P-shew!


Lately, to Little Man’s I-want-I- want chorus, I’ve been telling him, “LM, all my life, my mama, your Mimi, told me, ‘Wantin’ ain’t gettin’.” So the other day he made me eat my words:

Me: LM, it’s bathtime.

LM: I’m after Mei-Mei.

Me: I still want you to go upstairs and start getting ready.

LM: Well, what your mommy always told you, “Wantin’ ain’t gettin’!”

In case you’re wondering, I still got what I wanted :)


About 2 1/2 weeks before Christmas (and yes this is a repeat, but I want to have it here for posterity):

Little Man: Mommy, I got you a present! It’s slippers! Do you want to open it today?


Little Man: Where is the sun?

Me: It’s over there, it’s going down.

LM: Where does the sun go when it touches the ground?

Me: It goes to Japan.

LM: Is that where the sun lives?


Little Man: Mommy, what was that stuff with the blueberries on the bag?

Me: Oatmeal.

LM: Mommy, that oatmeal was way better put in these cookies.

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