2014 Bucket List and a look back at 2013

The new year is approaching, so it’s time for my annual look back at my past year’s “bucket list” of goals and to plan for the year to come.

Looking back at my 2013 list, it is very obvious to me that I made that list before I found out I was pregnant with Baby J! My list was chock full of good, admirable goals, but goals that just aren’t very realistic when you spend the whole year pregnant or with a newborn in the house. Throw an unanticipated surgery into the mix, and you can kiss pretty much all those goals goodbye. Lose my last baby weight? Ha! Good luck with that while pregnant! There are a few that I accomplished, generally in spite of my situation over the last year rather than because of it. I knew early on in 2013 that my bucket list goals probably weren’t going to happen, but frankly I just didn’t have the energy to redo them!

But 2014 is another year! 2013 was a highly unusual year for me — Pregnancy, surgery, maternity leave, etc. Even though we’ll still have a baby in the house in 2014 and are still feeling our way through the whole family-of-five thing, 2014 should be much calmer overall. Well, as calm as you can get with two destination weddings on the calendar that involve hauling the whole family to each coast!

Without further ado, here is my 2014 Bucket List. Many of these are carry-overs from 2013, and overall I tried to be realistic. I won’t be pregnant, but life is still pretty hectic with 3 little ones in the house:

  1. Lose my baby weight! It’s more like 30 pounds now, rather than 5-10, but it still needs to come off!
  2. Finish my sewing room. I’ve made lots of progress, but it still looks quite unfinished.
  3. Plant a vegetable garden.
  4. Breastfeed Baby J for at least 6 months.  My goal, as with all of my kids, is to breastfeed for his full first year.  But I wasn’t able to accomplish that with the other two and I don’t want to put undue pressure and stress on myself  by making a full year the official goal to accomplish (and stress of course makes it harder to keep up the milk supply!).
  5. Take a day off work while all the kids are at preschool/PDO.  This will obviously be a goal for the fall after Baby J starts PDO.
  6. Learn to use my serger.
  7. Go shopping in the LA garment district.
  8. Knit a sweater.
  9. Go to a stage play.
  10. Visit our good friends in the Twin Cities.  They are wonderful and come down to see us at least once a year, but we haven’t made it up there since Little Man was born.
  11. Go on a “girls trip.”
  12. Paint the living room.
  13. Go on a family bike ride.
  14. Take my kids sledding.
  15. Go skiing.  And take Little Man skiing.  Since an official ski trip probably isn’t in the budget this year (and there’s no time for it), we’ll have to make due with the little ski area north of Kansas City.  A poor substitution for the Rockies, which are a mere 9-hour drive away, but probably all we’ll be able to manage this year.
  16. Spend a minimum of 2 total hours sewing each week.  That could be in one 2-hour session, or in six 20-minute sessions.  Whatever works.
  17. Try 6 new recipes.  That’s one every other month. I should be able to manage that!
  18. Defeat the mosquitoes in our yard.  Well, this is really more of Albert’s goal for the year, but I am joining him in the fight!
  19. Have a “date night” at least once per month.  This is a little tricky with Baby J still so young and me breastfeeding, but I think we can figure it out.
  20. Take a weekend vacation or staycation with Albert.  Even a night at a cool local hotel, but we need to get away for a bit, just the two of us.

Do you make yearly resolutions or bucket lists?  What’s on yours?

6 thoughts on “2014 Bucket List and a look back at 2013

  1. Very realistic bucket list Katie! Good luck !

    My bucket list is a little smaller:
    1. Get into graduate school in fall
    2. Find a full time mechanical engineering job in a medical device company
    3. Sew more (3hours minimum per week), and take more craftsy sewing classes
    4. Learn to use my serger
    5. Travel twice with my family
    6. Travel twice with my friends
    7. Take more bikram yoga classes (once per week minimum )
    8. Focus on skin care :)

    • Great list! I’d add the yoga goal to mine as well. I love yoga but have really struggled to find a class that I can make on a regular basis.

      And good luck with your career goals! Hope they all come true in 2014 :)

      • Thanks a lot Katie! Yea I think hot yoga is very good for all of us. I prefer Bikram yoga (even hotter than hot yoga lol) because I can sweat more and this lose weight easier :D

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  3. I highly recommend a girls trip! I’ve been taking one every year for 9 years even when I couldn’t afford it and didn’t have time. It is something I look forward to every year. I also think you should knit a sweater, I made one for Lola years ago (tried to insert a pic in here but it won’t let me). It was a great accomplishment and made me very proud of myself. :)

    • I did a girls trip in 2012 and it was great. Hoping to be able to do another after a good friend takes the bar exam next summer. The challenge is finding the time when we have so much travel for weddings this year.

      I think my first sweater will be for me — so far everything I’ve knitted this year gas been for other people! But I’m sure LM would love a blue sweater. He is definitely the easiest one to create for in my family!

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