Katie’s Crafty Corner #7 & 8

Yes, I didn’t get around to posting this last week. I was just off last week. My creative time was almost nil due to a combination of factors: (1) I had a nasty cold that came along with a hacking cough; (2) Due to said cough, I was sleeping terribly and was exhausted; and (3) I was really busy at work so rather than spending my evenings doing something enjoyable after the kids went to bed, I spent them working.

I also admit that I was a total Valentine’s Day grinch. I was sick and tired and SOOO not into that holiday. Like the Grinch, everyone’s else’s excitement for a holiday that I’ve never particularly enjoyed made me…well, annoyed.

But, I eventually snapped out of it, and even made some Valentines for Little Man to take to school. He came home talking about all the “presents” he’d gotten from his friends. He was so excited when I asked him if he wanted to bring “presents” for his friends that I caved and made him some. But I didn’t get around to coming out of that particular funk until Thursday, and sent his Valentines on Friday.

I didn’t have the time or energy to go to a store to buy Valentines for him, and I wasn’t sure if there would be any left by then. But I’d seen lots of free printables on Pinterest and even took the time to pin a few myself.

Ultimately, though, I ended up going with a stand-by crafting blog for me, Made by Joel, who had posted very cute, free printable Valentine’s Day animals that were perfect for Little Man. I printed them on colorful cardstock on Thursday and folded them up into Valentine’s animals that night:

Valentine's Day animals


Pretty cute, huh?

They’re standing on Fiberful fruit leathers from Trader Joe’s. Every animal needs a bit of ground under its feet, right? 

Little Man was pretty excited to bring “presents” for his friends at school, and I somewhat redeemed my Mommy self :)

This past week I was actually pretty productive. I was still sick, tired and very busy at work, but rather than try to carve out an entire night to work on something, I worked in short bursts. Thirty-minute bursts to be exact. On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights to finish Little Man’s Easy Linen Shirt before Lil Sis’ 9-month pictures on Wednesday evening (which went really well, by the way. I’m excited to see the proofs next week!).

It went together pretty easily, and it fits well, though the sleeves are a bit long. Albert had to bribe Little Man with jelly beans to get him to wear it for the pictures, though. Little stinker!

Easy Linen Shirt with Spoonflower fabric


Front pattern detail


Back pattern detail


Inner collar accent

 The pattern is the Easy Linen Shirt from the book Sewing for Boys, and the fabric is Flight School Blueprint from Spoonflower. I ordered 2 yards of the fabric to make sure I’d have enough, and I actually expected to have extra. As it turns out, in order to get the images correct on the pattern pieces, I ended up using the entire two yards. That makes this the most expensive kids’ garment I’ve sewn! Spoonflower will definitely be reserved for special occasions.

Anyone else crafting this week? Or avoid crafting to protest all the Valentine’s Day hullaballoo?

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